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Explore our Paje properties and developments in Paje. Our luxury Paje apartments for sale at Shivo Towers raise the standards for luxury tropical living in Zanzibar

Zanzibar Houses For Sale In Paje

Shivo Towers Landmark Development PROVIDING Luxury Apartments in Paje

Whether you are looking for a holiday home, an investment property, or a place to call your own, our luxury Zanzibar houses for sale and modern apartments are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. Introducing to you our exclusive Paje properties and luxurious Zanzibar Apartments for sale.

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Paje properties for sale at Shivo Towers Luxury Apartments

Shivo Towers Luxury Apartments

A first of it’s kind development in Zanzibar, luxury high-end portered apartments for sale in Zanzibar at Shivo Towers. Designed by Italian architecture company Much More based in Dubai, London & Milan. Second-line beach properties with elevated stunning views of the Indian ocean and luxury fine finishing.

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Zanzibar Apartments At Luxury Shivo Towers
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Paje Luxury Chalet Villa Zanzibar
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Past & Current Paje Properties

Project in Paje One

20 Units – Fully Sold Off Plan

Development near completion (not developed by Shivo)

Project in Paje Two

20 Units – Shivo sold 12 of these units

Shivo Towers

162 Apartments available across 2 Towers

Based in Paje, fully owned and developed by Shivo. First of it’s kind high-end luxury apartment towers with full on-site amenities

Shivo Towers Luxury Zanzibar apartments - Studio living space

Living Space

Our developments provide all the comforts of a modern home with furniture packages offering all furnishings in addition to TV, oven / stove, fridge / freezer and much more. Villas and apartments are equipped with AC and ceiling fans in all key areas. Located in a secure gated compound, there is 24/7 on site security and designated parking for residents

Properties in Paje Zanzibar

Paradise Paje

Our latest Paje property named Shivo Towers is a quiet tranquil second-line beach property just footsteps from a beautiful beach. Not far from Paje roundabout and a short walk to the beach. A portered apartment building with concierge service catering to all needs, with luxurious interiors offering comfort, warmth and fine finishing touches. The development offers all resident needs and the ideal base for a Zanzibar rental investment or lifestyle.

Managed services and rentals of Paje Apartments by Shivo

Paje Apartments

The amenities provided on-site vary on our developments, villas with private pools and decking areas that cater perfectly for a relaxed peaceful lifestyle enabling private dining, or luxury apartments with balconies including penthouses with private infinity pools. Residents can enjoy gym, spa, communal pools, cafe/restaurant and other amenities.

Tropical Luxury with Paje Properties in Zanzibar

Exquisite Service

On-site gardeners, pool maintenance teams, and cleaners are all included in the service charge who maintain the immaculate buildings and grounds. We offer maid and private chef facilities including airport pickup, luxury car hire or running of errands. In addition, our managed services allow us to host your guests, increase bookings with proven experience, and a professional team to enhance rental success.

Why Invest in Paje, Zanzibar

Intro To Paje, Zanzibar

Nestled along Zanzibar's eastern coast, Paje, a serene village with pristine beaches, is a captivating destination intertwined with the island's rich history.

A History of Diverse Influences

Zanzibar's strategic location in the Indian Ocean has cultivated a unique cultural blend over centuries. Influences from Arabian, Indian, Persian, and African cultures have left an indelible mark on the island's traditions, creating a captivating mosaic of languages, cuisine, and customs.

Paje's Beach Paradise

Paje's beaches are a picturesque dream come true. Soft, powdery sands meet the gentle embrace of the Indian Ocean, providing an idyllic backdrop for relaxation and water sports. Snorkelling, diving, and kite surfing thrive in these warm, crystal-clear waters.

Cultural Fusion

Paje embodies the Swahili culture's essence, reflecting a mix of Swahili, Arabic, and European influences in its architecture, cuisine, and way of life. Strolling through its streets is a journey through time and traditions.

Investment Opportunities Abound

Paje's appeal is broader than its natural beauty. Zanzibar's burgeoning tourism industry and increasing interest in holiday homes make it a hotspot for real estate investment and Zanzibar houses for sale. Luxury villas and rental properties offer personal sanctuary and potentially sound investment prospects.

Paje, Zanzibar, is a tropical sanctuary that seamlessly blends history, culture, and natural splendour. Its stunning beaches, cultural richness, and investment potential create a unique opportunity for those seeking an extraordinary experience on this enchanting island in the Indian Ocean.

The Environment

A Tropical Ecological Gem

Paje in Zanzibar isn't just an exquisite coastal village and a thriving ecological haven. Its magnetic allure as a destination is deeply rooted in its commitment to preserving its natural beauty and the warmth of its local communities.

Diverse Wildlife Marvels

Paje's enchantment extends far beyond its sandy shores, introducing visitors to the rich tapestry of Zanzibar's wildlife. While the coastal regions boast an array of marine wonders, including vibrant coral reefs and captivating sea creatures, there's more to discover in this tropical paradise.

The nearby Jozani Forest, a verdant oasis not far from Paje, is a treasure trove of biodiversity. Here, amid the lush foliage, you can encounter a symphony of birdlife, with the musical calls of various species filling the air. Monkeys, including the endemic and charismatic Zanzibar red colobus monkey, swing gracefully through the treetops, offering a glimpse into the island's primate population.

In the forest's dappled sunlight, countless species of butterflies create a kaleidoscope of colours as they flit and flutter among the trees and flowers. Jozani Forest is a true haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a chance to connect with the land and its inhabitants in a truly immersive way. Whether you're captivated by the bird's serenades, the playful antics of monkeys, or the delicate beauty of butterflies, Paje and its neighbouring Jozani Forest provide an opportunity to embrace the wonders of the natural world in Zanzibar.

Local Communities and Warmth

The heart of Paje lies in its local communities, where warmth and hospitality are second nature—the people of Paje, known for their politeness, welcome visitors with open arms. The blend of Swahili, Arabic, and African cultures creates a unique atmosphere where every encounter is a cultural exchange.

Attitude Towards Tourists

The local attitude towards tourists is one of genuine friendliness and respect. Paje's residents understand the importance of tourism to their community and are eager to share their culture and traditions with visitors. This positive attitude fosters a sense of belonging for travellers and encourages return visits.

Sustainability Initiatives

Preserving Paje's natural beauty is a shared commitment among locals and authorities. Sustainability initiatives are thriving here, with a focus on responsible tourism practices. Efforts to reduce plastic waste, protect marine life, and conserve natural habitats are visible throughout the village. Paje's dedication to eco-friendly tourism ensures that future generations can enjoy its beauty.

The Captivating Lifestyle

Life in Paje dances to its easy rhythm, offering a delightful blend of simplicity and vibrancy. When it comes to getting around, you can choose from the zippy boda-boda moto taxis or classic taxis or embrace the island's charm on two wheels with bicycles.

Accommodation options span from charming beachside huts to opulent villas, catering to every taste and preference. What truly enriches Paje is its colourful tapestry of residents—locals and expats come together, creating a harmonious and diverse community.

In Paje, the celebrations always seem to continue. From vibrant music festivals to cultural extravaganzas, there's always a festival on the horizon, offering an assortment of experiences for the community. These events infuse life into the village and create cherished memories for residents and visitors alike.

In Paje, life is a beautiful blend of tranquil island living, the warm camaraderie of locals and expats, and the excitement of events that paint the town with a vibrant palette of experiences.

A Foodies Dream

A World of Flavours Awaits

Paje's culinary scene is a delicious mosaic of diverse cultures and tantalizing cuisines. Whether you're a fan of local Zanzibari Swahili food, crave the boldness of African spices, the fragrant richness of Arab dishes, or the international delights of Turkish, Mexican, Italian, and seafood, you'll find it all here. Paje's restaurants cater to the most discerning palates, promising an exquisite dining experience that mirrors the village's cultural richness.

Discover a world of culinary delights at these popular restaurants in Paje:

  • Ratatouille: A French-inspired gem known for its delectable seafood and international dishes.
  • Ocean Restaurant: Satisfy your cravings with a fusion of African and European flavours, all enjoyed by the beach.
  • Mr Kahawa Café & Restaurant: A local favourite offering Swahili, international dishes, and aromatic coffee to kickstart your day.
  • Luciana Restaurant: Savour the taste of Italian cuisine with wood-fired pizzas and homemade pasta.
  • Chamu Restaurant: Dive into Turkish cuisine featuring kebabs, mezze, and more.
  • Oxygen: An oceanfront restaurant specializing in seafood delicacies that are a true delight.
  • Delight Zanzibar: Discover local flavours with a modern twist, featuring fresh seafood and Swahili-inspired dishes.
  • Rainbow Paje Restaurant: A laid-back spot offering a variety of cuisines, including international and seafood dishes.
  • Bento – Paje Food Court: A food court that caters to diverse tastes, offering everything from local to international flavours.
  • Ulu Dos Tres Taco: For lovers of Mexican cuisine, this taco joint serves up a fiesta of flavours.
  • Rosa's Mexican Kitchen: Dive into authentic Mexican cuisine in a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Al Casbah: Transport yourself to the Middle East with an array of aromatic Arab dishes in a traditional setting.

These restaurants in Paje create a symphony of tastes, reflecting the village's vibrant cultural makeup and its commitment to offering a world of flavours to residents and visitors alike.

Activities & Adventures in Paje

With a host of activities to choose from, you'll find something to suit every mood and inclination:

  • Scuba Diving: Dive into the depths of the Indian Ocean and discover a world of vibrant marine life and captivating coral reefs. Buccaneer Diving and Ahmed Adventure Tours can take you on underwater journeys you will remember.
  • Snorkelling: For a more relaxed aquatic experience, snorkelling is a must. Get up close and personal with the mesmerizing underwater world off Paje's shores.
  • Kiting & Surfing: Paje is renowned for its consistent winds, making it a kitesurfing and surfing paradise. Zanzibar Kite Paradise and Aquaholics Kite & Surf Zanzibar offer thrilling experiences for beginners and experts.
  • Beach Relaxation: Unwind on the soft sands of Paje's beaches, where you can recline in hammocks and sun loungers or take refreshing dips in the inviting ocean.
  • Mnemba Atoll Excursions: Embark to the nearby Mnemba Atoll, a protected marine reserve. Take advantage of Kizimkazi, famous for its playful dolphin population.
  • Paddle Boarding and Kayaking: Glide along the tranquil waters on a paddleboard or kayak for a unique perspective of the coastline.
  • Safari Blue Tours: Experience the magic of Safari Blue tours, where you can sail on traditional dhows, explore hidden lagoons, and feast on sumptuous seafood.
  • Jozani Forest National Park: Delve into the enchanting Jozani Forest National Park, home to the rare and unique Red Colobus monkey, found nowhere else in the world.
  • Zanzibar's Kite Paradise: Explore the art of kitesurfing or enhance your skills at this renowned kiteboarding school.
  • Chartered Fishing Trips: For the angler in you, embark on deep-sea fishing adventures aboard chartered boats to catch some of the ocean's most sought-after treasures.
  • Maalum Cave: Delve into this underground geological beauty, featuring a natural swimming pool with warm waters, perfect for a refreshing dip, all while enjoying the convenience of an on-site restaurant.
The Investment Opportunity

Investing in Paje properties offers a unique opportunity to become part of a thriving coastal paradise. Shivo developments stand at the forefront of this investment landscape, presenting a gateway to luxury living and potential financial growth via our Paje apartments and Zanzibar houses for sale.

Gated Community with Unique Architecture

Shivo's developments in Paje showcase a gated community like no other. The architectural designs are a testament to innovation and aesthetic appeal, promising a distinctive identity that sets your investment apart.

Luxurious Chalet Villas

Each property within Shivo's developments is meticulously designed to exude luxury both inside and out. Every detail, from interior finishes to exterior design, reflects a commitment to excellence whilst remaining affordable.

Peace of Mind with 24/7 Security

Thanks to round-the-clock security, investors can enjoy peace of mind, ensuring the safety of the property and those residing within the community.

Reception and Backup Generators

Shivo's developments offer the convenience of a reception area and backup generators, guaranteeing an uninterrupted power supply for all your or your guests' needs.

Private Pools for Each Property

Experience the epitome of relaxation with a private pool for each property, inviting you to unwind and savour the tropical ambience. Paje apartments which have a large communal pool with penthouses offering a private infinity pool.

Paje's Tourism Growth

Paje and Zanzibar as a whole are experiencing remarkable growth in tourism. The island's pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and water sports opportunities are drawing travellers from across the globe, creating a robust demand for luxury accommodations. According to the Zanzibar Tourism Commission, the number of tourists visiting the Island has increased by 110.28% from 2020 to 2022.

Investment Potential

Investing in property on Zanzibar's island presents the potential for substantial capital gains in the future as property values continue to rise in response to growing interest in the region. The Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority (ZIPA) plays a pivotal role in fostering investment. ZIPA's new investment programs, including the offering of residential permits with a specific investment threshold and notable tax benefits, have attracted attention.

Rental Income Opportunities

Beyond capital appreciation, Shivo offers managed service rentals, allowing investors to earn rental income while entrusting their properties to the experts. With concierge services, booking management, and guest hosting, your property investment becomes a hassle-free source of revenue.

In Paje, Zanzibar, Shivo developments offer a luxurious lifestyle and a potentially brilliant investment opportunity. With the island's tourism boom and the chance for property value appreciation, this is your opportunity to own a piece of paradise and enjoy both potential financial returns and the serenity of coastal living.


Paje, Zanzibar, is a tropical haven where beauty, culture, and investment converge. With its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history, Paje offers a unique blend of experiences that appeal to holidaymakers and astute investors.

Shivo's developments in Paje are a testament to luxury living and investment potential. The gated community has unique architectural designs, luxurious chalet villas with various bedroom and bathroom options, and 24/7 security to ensure comfort and safety. Private pools, backup generators, and reception areas make your experience convenient.

The growth of tourism in Paje and Zanzibar underscores the investment potential in property on the island. Rising property values make it an attractive prospect for those seeking potential capital gains in the future, while the island's allure provides the chance for consistent rental income.

For those considering Paje as their home away from home or a wise investment choice, Shivo is your trusted partner. We offer luxury villa properties and comprehensive guidance through the property acquisition process. Contact us today to embark on your journey to own a slice of paradise in Paje, where relaxation and investment opportunities await.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for informational purposes only. Prospective buyers should conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any investment decisions.