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About the Shivo Tanzania company & our beach property developments.
Changing the face of Zanzibar for luxury real estate investment opportunities.

Who Are we?

Shivo Tanzania are offering the most exclusive and luxurious villas and apartments in Zanzibar, Tanzania. We are a team of western (British/European) and Tanzanian enthusiasts of Zanzibar whose mission is to become the #1 property developers on the island, offering Zanzibar beach & coastal property developments.

Our focus is on high-end, modern designs, class and elegance. Our developments are across different sites, unrivalled and affordable with meticulously sourced materials worldwide and expertly built with professional project management and oversight.

We relate to the concerns of buying property abroad but it is our goal to provide a smooth and professional purchasing experience, and we are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Alongside property development, we enable global investment opportunity via our managed services i.e. rentals and property management, acquiring reservations, increasing bookings and concierge services for all guests. There is huge potential to increase your return on investment with Zanzibar being one of the most visited countries by tourists in Africa from recent reports in 2022/2023. Zanzibar was also rated the #1 beach destination in Africa in 2022 by the World Travel Awards.

All in all, our dedication and professionalism provide you with confidence in your purchase from start to finish and a level of transparency that gives you assurance of a smooth process until the day of hand-over of your property.

Over the years Shivo has become the very definition of success and entrepreneur finesse, with many in Zanzibar and Mainland Tanzania now aware of the name Shivo and the huge transformations we are bringing in the realm of luxury real estate.

The company approach is holistic, combining strategy, planning, and methodical research to incorporate together all the specifics of the economic, environmental, and technological community. Shivo intertwines the natural beauty of Zanzibar with modern architecture to create the perfect blend of harmony with real estate and environment.

Shivo and it's founder Richard Ashby regularly get mentions in the media both in Tanzania, UK and other countries regarding our projects. You can view some of those mentions on our PR & News page, which is regularly updated.

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Intricately Designed Interior

Our philosophy has always been luxury which is affordable but high-end, we source materials from all over the world for interior and exteriors. Providing unmatched standards and luxury for Zanzibar property investment.

We bring the comforts back home over to Tanzania, so you can have a home away from home or provide your guests an amazing experience which warrants a premium price of renting to paying guests. 

Modern Architecture

Through selecting specialist architects, we designed beautiful chalet villas, with mezzanine and high vaulted ceilings. The properties are open plan with a glass surround to create warmth and sunlight throughout the day.

Our villas are inspired by the local Zanzibar beach style housing and are successful because they are a luxury version of them, a housing style known as Makuti Banda. With glorious high apex roofs, bi-fold doors with an inviting living room and kitchen. Tropical luxury living awaits you, your friends, guests or families.

Zanzibar Beach Property Developer

Zanzibar Beach Property

Zanzibar beach property is a dream come true with Shivo, our company builds luxury holiday villas & apartments on the island. There are currently two new landmark developments, 2 in Paje were sold in full by Shivo and 2 new projects where Shivo is the sole developer, Shivo Towers Luxury Apartments based in Paje and another exclusive beachfront property development called Shivo Dreams at Nungwi which is a huge development with 2 phases offering a variety of villas and apartments. The properties are either on the beach or footsteps from it and there will of course be more developments on the way. 

They all offer amenities nearby as well as on-site and are ideal for a holiday home, rental income, or permanent living. Our real estate villas & apartments have modern design and coastal charm, with special offerings such as private pools, decks, outdoor dining, and ocean views. Your slice of paradise in Zanzibar awaits!

Meet Our CEO

Richard Ashby CEO picture on Zanzibar Beach

Richard Ashby (CEO)

Our Philosophy

To be the #1 property developer in Zanzibar for residential, holiday homes and rental investments. Providing luxury at affordable cost in paradise and aiding in economic growth on the island

Our Mission
Our Mission at ByShivo

To expedite developments across sites on the island, considering buyer requirements. We aim to continuously build properties for permanent living and holiday rentals with managed services for your every need

Our Vision
Our Vision at ByShivo

Luxury quality builds with expertly sourced materials. Maintaining the vibe of local areas, increasing efficiency and employment, including partnering with local artisans

Our Values
Our Values at ByShivo